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Based on our 30+ years of industry and technology experience, we work hand in hand with our customers to study and identify their needs, prerequisites, constraints and challenges and guide them through appropriate solutions that allow them to reach their target objectives in the most efficient and effective manner. In addition, we assist our customers, whether system integrators, consultants or end users, in Writing Tender Specifications, which is a critical phase that is the basis of any large project.

Solution Design

Our substantial expertise and deep knowledge of our industry and systems allow us to tailor-make solutions to meet our customers’ specific requirements, while staying flexible to evolving needs and adaptations. Our 360-degree approach to designing and managing projects encompasses the possibility of integrating various platforms, systems and skills to reach target objectives, including Command and Control platforms, Identity and Access Management solutions, IP Intercom, Power and Data Transmission solutions, Video Surveillance solutions, Wireless Transmission solutions and Unified Cloud Video Management and Access Control platforms.


We provide thorough, hands-on training modules about our solutions, systems and products, targeted to coaching key groups and individuals, from system integrators to customer managers, technical personnel, backup staff and all the way to operators. We also provide high-standard certified training to our local partners for actual on-the-ground system implementation.

Site Surveys

A site survey is the process of inspecting and assessing a customer’s existing networks of systems and platforms for the purpose of providing a solution that will deliver the required specifications for a project under evaluation.
It starts with a full assessment of the project area, where strategic site data, customer requirements, network infrastructure information and constraints, existing procedures and access and security measures are scrutinized for the solution design and the determination of the location of key solution components.
For strategic projects, we can share an in-depth questionnaire that allows a better understanding of the project’s requirements in order to know how to serve you better.

Joint Meetings

At Bound Technologies, our motto is “Relationship Excellence;” therefore, we strive to maintain positive and close relationships with our consultants and end-customers as much as we do with our partners. In this perspective, we make sure to visit them periodically with our local system integrator partners in order to better understand their needs, their future plans, listen to their feedback and make sure that they are always delighted with our solutions and services.
We also support our partners with their client relationships by conducting presentations to top-management and key personnel at the customer premises, where we elaborate on our solution, product and service portfolios. It should be well noted that our presentations are not theoretical but supported by tangible proof of concepts for the solutions that we present through live demos that can be carried by supplied demo equipment (where available and applicable) and licenses through our own or our partners’ team.


Bound Technologies has you covered in whatever industry/business you are in

Smart CitIES and Critical Infrastructure

With the exponential increase in crime rates worldwide, as well as the need for improving urban conditions to cope with fast development challenges, governments and local municipalities are investing more and more in the security and welfare of their countries, cities and various areas through state-of-the-art technological solutions that meet their specific needs in terms of key requirements, cost efficiency and peace of mind for the purpose of increasing efficiencies, improving residents’ quality of life, optimizing city services and overall effective economic development.
A crucial factor in the choice of a proper solution is the integration of all existing and future possible systems and subsystems that allow the management of all data from one unique control platform, which facilitates the centralized command and control of all local governance issues in a modern city such as security (police, ambulance, fire brigade), traffic (smart traffic lights, parking guidance), utilities (energy, water, waste disposal) and sanitary (hospitals, emergency).


Security measures are becoming stricter in all airports, seaports and transportation hubs due the increase of criminal and terrorist threats. Vast spaces, combined with high passenger traffic, require rigorous control and security measures across all perimeters and facilities. Our powerful solutions allow for close monitoring, precise control and timely dispatch of adequate response measures in order to maintain the highest levels of proactive safety and protection for such vital sites.

Campuses - Healthcare, Educational and Correction Smart facilities

In such facilities where a lot of people’s lives are at stake, it is critical to find solutions to closely monitor and promptly respond to potential threats and actual incidents such as theft, vandalism, terrorist or drone attacks, illegal drug dealing, breakouts, riots, fires and floods.
It is also as important to reduce those facilities’ costs, improve sustainability, protect workers from hazardous materials, or even further, provide a complete automated building integration system.
Given that operation and security weaknesses in educational, healthcare or correction facilities have long-term and serious impact on the welfare of society at large, the necessity arises for state-of-the art, smart solutions that help facility managers and city authorities deal with daily potential challenges and threats especially in multiple-facility and multiple-site campuses. Our solutions provide the right peace of mind for such campuses to focus on their main mission, whether education, healthcare or correction, by providing user-friendly interfaces and centralized command and control, handled by trained professionals in order to reach greater operational efficiency, a safer environment and a better quality of life for people, resources and society.


We offer to our customers a possibility of constant monitoring or aerial inspection using our unmanned aerial vehicles with long flight endurance. Our drones offer reliability combined with a 12-hour flight time that can support the need of governmental, commercial and military organizations.
In addition, our drone software module offers highly advanced technological features that support complex drone applications such as drone control, dispatching drones automatically to target coordinates, multiple object tracking, time machine, workflow and incident reporting, localization and virtual visualization. These features are essential for security operators to receive real-time vital information in order to evaluate and respond to threats and incidents in a timely and efficient manner. Furthermore, the 3D GIS model provides outstanding situational alertness at all times, and its platform links and integrates drones and all subsystems flawlessly together, which enables the reception and analysis of all data in a centralized manner to allow for effective safeguarding of key properties, resources, sites and people.
Regardless of whether your mission is life, borders, property or infrastructure protection, we can deliver the required data and situational awareness.

Enterprise & Industrial

Our solutions are adaptable to different areas of such facilities including offices, common areas, stores, parking spaces, factories, entertainment facilities, etc. for the objective of:

• Securing those areas, their users and their visitors through the monitoring of traffic flow, unusual activity and other types of problems that might arise.

• Providing automation processes through the use of customizable, intuitive and interactive workflow procedures to reduce the workload of key people, enforce compliance and avoid errors and inconsistent data records, through defined process flows and monitoring of input data.

Oil & Gas

A major sector in the Middle Eastern countries’ economies, the oil and gas industry is facing many challenges in its multi-step process from exploration through extraction, refining, transporting and all the way to the marketing of petroleum products. Multiple facilities, sites and sub-sites are the primary challenge that can only be catered to with our solutions that are adaptable to any existing infrastructure, can operate multiple sites from one single command platform and where operators have a knowledge-based approach for the purpose of achieving better operational proficiency, improving proactive performance and addressing security threats and vulnerabilities.